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Titan Games is the premiere gaming store in Champaign-Urbana. With weekly drafts, Legacy night, EDH League, and Friday Night Magic with Standard, Modern and Draft every week, if you're a Magic player, we're the place to be. Titan Games has the biggest prize support in town; always 2 pack per person. We run events for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! weekly, as well.

Card games not your thing? We've got a huge selection of board games, always 20% off MSRP, and a ton of demos in-store. Come to our weekly board game night to try some with friends, or come by yourself and meet some fellow nerds.

Weekly Events

With events every night of the week, Titan Games is bound to have a night that appeals to you:

  • Mondays: Magic: Legacy and Draft
  • Tuesdays: Role Playing Night
  • Wednesdays: Board Game Night, D&D Encounters
  • Thursdays: EDH League
  • Fridays: Friday Night Magic

We've got plenty of space to play. If we have the room, you're welcome to come in and get a game going. We'll even run events on-demand with prize support.

Location and Parking

Located in the bustling heart of downtown Champaign, you can find Titan Games nestled behind the El Toro on Neil, just a block South of top notch Korean BBQ.

Parking is available in the back, West of the building on William Street. Additional parking is located across the street on Neil, East of the building.

Our Team

Mark Keplinger

Josh Sawlaw

Russell Busch

Matt Rasmussen

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